Healthcare payment exchange made easy…

Streamlined, automated  invoice settlement

Benefits for all parties…

Reduced costs, improved productivity and cash flows

Distinctive technology enables ‘Best Value’ Exchange...

Flexibility to select the most favorable payment mode……not limited to credit cards

The Hap-X payment exchange empowers the healthcare provider to control the flow of supplier payments based on the "best value" payment option offered by suppliers with straight-through processing. Hap-X delivers documented value to all Exchange participants.

Alert: On June 28, 2016, Hap-X was acquired by Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX). Visit for more information.


Efficiency Makes Cents

We streamline your online payments process, allowing your employees to spend their time more productively.

Automating & Innovating

Our creative solutions differentiate payment automation, supporting all modalities of straight-through processing with a consultative approach.

Maximum Rebate Enhancement

We pay a straight rebate for the privilege of settling your invoices and employ innovative technology to maximize rebate returns.

Refreshing the way your company works

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VFinancial Solutions, LLC
Mission: To provide a strategic and 'best value' automated payment exchange to our Provider and Supplier clients with immediate and measurable results - financially and operationally.